With the REINER 940, production batches can be marked quickly and individually – mobile. In addition to number, date, time and text, this compact device can also print graphics and barcode.


  • Number, date, time, text and graphics and barcodes, also multi-line prints
  • Automatic advancing numbering and dating barcode
  • Mobile or stationary marking
  • Print on the goods to be marked by rolling the REINER 940 over them, alternatively contactless
  • The quick-drying MP ink facilitates printing on smooth surfaces such as metal and plastic
  • Print image can be created simply and quickly at the PC and transmitted via USB or Bluetooth
  • Integrated capping for print cartridge
  • Up to four different print images can be stored in the system
  • Max. print area dimension: (W x H) 140 mm (5 ½”) x 12.7 mm (½”)

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H ): 47 x 147 x 221
Weight: approx. 530 g
Print technology: inkjet
Max. print area dimension (W x H): 140 x 12,7
Max. print speed: 400 mm/s
Print resolution: 300 dpi
Battery capacity: up to 1.000 prints

Application Images

Product Videos

REINER 940 – The marking specialist…

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